The Early Years

In 1974, Mike Azar began photographing weddings in the Roanoke Valley. While he enjoyed photography, Mike always had a knack for video. 11 years later, in 1983, Mike transitioned to shooting video completely.

Over the years, Mike has filmed nearly 1,000 weddings all over the eastern United States. While it is not uncommon for a business to film weddings for several members of a family, Mike has had the unique opportunity several times to film the wedding of both a bride and her groom, and years before, her parents. 

More recently

In the early 2000's, Mike brought on Jacob and Hogan Dellinger. After several years working exclusively under his study, Jacob and Hogan both began leading video teams. Additionally, a few years later, Shane Parks was brought on board. Over the past 5 years, Michael's Video and Wedding Cinema has grown to what it is now. Currently, with 7 team members, we are able to comfortably film several events simultaneously. Although each team member is equally as competent as the other, we do have three leads filmmakers; Jacob, Hogan and Shane.  


At the beginning on 2015, Jacob Dellinger took over as owner of Michael's Video and Wedding Cinema. While Jacob certainly does have a unique perspective on filmmaking and business, the values and concepts Mike has instilled in the business are very much alive. As we continue to grow, much of our time is focused on continuing education. To find out what we have been up to lately, be sure to visit our portfolio page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.